small apartment, big style.

so, i've been wanting to start a feature on local house/apartment tours, and it may just come to fruition now that i'm quitting my day job!

i talk about my friend marianne a lot.  i wish she had a blog or etsy so i could link her, but she's been a full time student/teacher and has had to focus entirely on that.  now that it's summer, i'm spending as much time with her as i can.

her apartment is so lovely.  she has such an eye for things and spends her money very wisely, so i find it interesting to see the things she chooses to purchase.  she's a good one to thrift with for sure :)

(by: me! want one? just email me)

  (we both swooned over this pillow...was it sears or jcpenney?  either way, we were pleasantly surprised)

 fish eye mirrors are the best.

 i didn't know this before, but she likes to more or less inadvertently place lemons in odd places.  how endearing ♥

so there you have it.  i'm regretting not snapping some shots of her bedroom because it's soooo beautiful, but now i have a reason to take more! :)

hope you enjoyed that little tour.


  1. holy thrifty goodness! what a charming and welcoming space. you can tell each item is well loved. terrific post!


  2. The apt is very cute! i bet she'd be really popular as a blogger, her apt is a so cute!

  3. those shorts are so cute and what a cute apartment!

    <3 steffy
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