this week in instagram!

it's pretty sad how much trouble i go to for these instagrams...count down for an iphone starts very soon.  :)
this week included lots of eating, goofing around, shopping and cat napping.  look at bugas little cat arms! what a stinker malinker (muh-lean-kur). 

i gotta say, i was hesitant to try a ben and jerrys other than my yoosh (chubby hubby), but when you put an ice cream out with chocolate covered potato chips in it, who wouldn't be at least a LITTLE curious!? my consensus? pretty delicious.  i was able to ration it out to three distinct and separate occasions, so i've got that goin for me.  

hope you had a wonderful weekend!  this week is my last week at the restaurant!!!!!!!  maybe even my last week SERVING/BARTENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

go me! ;)

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