this week in instagram!

the usual stuff. pets, coffee, clothes and friends. :) 
it's been a pretty good week...i mean, i quit my job and have nothing but free time, and i LOVE it, but it has it's challenges too.  still better than having to wait on people (at least for me)


i also want to share a reallllly romantic video with you and i couldn't wait til my music monday post.  i'm not sure how many of you are old enough to have possibly already seen these AMAZING disney videos, but disney used to do these "romancin" specials, and as a kid, i fell.in.love.

i love the old disney, so much so that it hurts my heart to think that a lot of kids are being raised now by completely different standards....and bands like the jonas brothers and justin bieber.

ugh.  do i really want to have a baby someday? sometimes scares me lots and lots even imagining what else is gonna change.
so anyways, enough rambling. here's the video. :)

sometimes cartoons express things exactly how we feel them.
haha, maybe a little too literal with the skunk :) 

have a great weekend!
love you.

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