this week in instagram!

it's friday!!!!  so let's recap.

pet cuddling. 
nail painting. 
more juicing.
baby holding.
picture taking.
house redecorating.
more thrifting.
ahhhh. what a week.

have i mentioned i quit my day night job and am now a full time artist/blogger/etsy seller?
i don't know how long it will last, hopefully i can follow coury's advice and "do what you love and make it work against all odds".

i'm hoping to get my blog to the point where i can start taking sponsors soon.
if anyone is interested, just email me! i would start with super cheap rates of course!

anyways, on to the photos!

have an awesome weekend!  also i've had a couple people ask me about my recent nail colors.  here they are! they dry SUPER fast, and that's very important for people like me who cannot keep their hands still, like, ever.

(color: jaded)

(color: cloud)

okay bye loves!

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  1. I'd be interested in doing a button swap. Let me know if that works for you.

    ♥ sécia



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