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h-o-u-s-e   t-o-u-r

hi everyone! i cannot even express to you my ecstatic excited joyousness to share this post with you.  i'd mentioned wanting to do little house/apartment tours, and jessica's apartment was top on my list. 
and it has come to fruition.

so, i did a little apartmenttherapy style interview with her and managed to get some really good shots of her place.

she teaches yoga, both in studio and at her home, so this room is all about yoga.

 {lights: fireworks ; pillows: world market}

she did a couple of her favorite yoga poses for me.  

next is her bright and soft yellow kitchen.
she loves her kitchen despite how small it is.
she said it's the easiest kitchen to cook in she's ever had.

onto the living room.  i think she said every unit in her building have these doors (french?).  so gorgeous!

it was in this room especially that jessica shared many stories.  her place has a lot of history, a lot of travel and a lot of friends and family.

now through the hallway and to the bedroom.

...and of course, le toilette

and out the front door.


how long have you lived there? about 4 months

approx square footage?  600 (?)

what is your most meaningful piece?  That is the hardest question ever. Probably my series of drawings from when I lived in Rome, because I know that when other people look at them they may not see anything, but when i look at them I see buildings and skies, and narrow streets. They completely evoke really vivid, rich memories for me, much more than a photograph could, of one of the most wonderful times of my life.

biggest indulgence?  Reproduction Paulistano Armchair from Design Within Reach (by Paulo Mendes da Rocha of Brazil)

biggest challenge?   Finding a place for my Riedel glasses. Only one shelf is high enough and it is the one way up high over the refridgerator, so I never use the glasses. I got them for free from Mr. Riedel himself after planning a tasting event for him in Seattle.

what do your friends/guests say about it?  I don't have a lot of people over, but, as I mentioned, my friend Nicele loves that there is a story behind every single object, piece of art, piece of furniture, dish, etc. I started collecting things when I was a teenager, before I even moved out of my parents' house, and I still have some of that stuff. A huge amount of what I have has been given to me by friends and family over the years. I always wanted a home that felt sort of bohemian, a bit "cluttered" or "not perfect", and totally comfortable and user-friendly, lived-in. My place or my "style" has not been very intentional. I just keep the things that mean something to me.

what do you suggest for people when picking out furniture, art, apartments/houses?  Always try not to throw things out. Everything you get will eventually end up in the land-fill, so I try not to bring anything home that I'm not going to want to keep for a long, long time. So I am extremely selective. For instance, for years I have needed a bed-side table and have a picture in my mind of what I want, but have never found anything that is just the right one, so I have my lamp and books on the floor, which is fine with me. For the same reason I rarely buy anything new, except for stuff like my All Clad pots, because I will never get rid of them.

Thank you so much Jessica for letting me come in and take photos! Such an inspiring home and such an amazing person :)

love, gianna


  1. Love those double doors and the use of the floor instead of tables.

    ♥ sécia

  2. wow! these features are fantastic! please do more in the future. i look forward.


  3. Amazing!! Love a little yoga pose or two in the mix...makes me feel the warmth of this place. Lovely! Thanks for sharing!!



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