cost of living.

as lance and i walked around silver lake, we thought, like every other neighborhood in southern california, "yeah, we could live here"...but still we knew we wouldn't be able to find anything "nice" in our price range.  we walked past a little 2 bedroom duplex that was for rent. for $1350 (double what we pay now), we could have a yard with a fence that is totally falling apart, overgrown weeds, and no privacy, and a house much smaller than what we have now, but hey!-we'd be in silver lake!  ughhhh, i honestly don't know how people afford to live there.  we pretty much spent the majority of my trip asking each other, "how do the employees at kinkos afford it?" and "how do the people with multiple kids afford it??".  how do baristas afford it? do they live at home still? do they have 5 roommates in a 2 bedroom house?  do they all work 2-4 jobs?  phew! anyways, it's just overwhelming looking at places in any city, especially in southern california, that's all. :)

luckily, my fun blue prints kept me calm and cool all day.

{shirt: forever21; skirt: thrifted; rings: h&m; wedges: kimchi blue UO; bag: etsy; sunglasses: bp}

have a great day, get some sun before it's fall!


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