disneyland in instagram!

my loves!  
where to start? life was so chaotic before i left town i never even had the chance to tell you all about my trip and why i was going to have a few guest posts!

now it's been a week, and if you haven't been following my twitter, you would have no idea of all of the amazing fun things i've been up to!!

here's the deal.  my lovely boyfriend lance is down here in los angeles, doing all he can to make his dreams of acting and stand up comedy come true.  we'd been apart about a month and a half and just couldn't take it anymore, so i flew down to hang out with him (and get a little personal vacation).

southern california is actually where i'm from, but i've lived in the northwest for a long long time...anyways, it's always nice to come back to the land of palm trees and disney!

since lances birthday is coming up and i won't be here, i figured the most sensible thing to do would be to take him to disneyland :)  
(tickets were $12 when my family moved out of CA, now they're $80.  crazy!)

anyways, we took lots of pictures!

 lance LOVED the goats (who wouldn't).  soooo cute.



we did 13 hours of nonstop disney.  exhausting, yes, but we were able to pack every ride in!  except matterhorn because it was closed :(

my favorite is and always has been pirates of the carribean, but the indiana jones adventure was super fun too.  we made the mistake of going on star tours, a new 3D ride that unless you have a stomach made of pure steel, will make you wish on your life that you hadn't waited the 85 minutes to go on, only to have to choke back vom for the next hour. star tours is AWFUL, but the idea/technology is really neat.  just too much for us...lance was even more nauseous than i was!

still, the day was so much fun and such a great place to people watch!

anyway, today we are heading to silver lake to walk around and hopefully catch some deals on vintage clothes for the shop :)

thanks for stoppin  by!
i've missed blogging.

love, g.


  1. I heart disneyland. Cute shots.

    ♥ sécia

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  3. Follow @waltdisney in IG, very sweet.



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