fix coffee and things.

hey guys.
everything is a little delayed here at bluepea, so these pictures aren't from today.  they are however from a couple days ago:)
i have been loving being here in southern california.  the people and the places are just super inspiring!  just sitting at fix coffee, i saw so many cute outfits and interesting people.  it's nice to be in a place where the GUYS know how to dress!!!  

i didn't bring my camera down because i figured i could just use lances, but he didn't bring his USB!!! and neglected to tell me that before i flew down...i could kill him (with kindness)...so all of these are taken with his iphone...

i'm loving my new skirt, though it was a little heavy for the heat that day..


 his and hers. him: no onion or tomato (i don't know what's wrong with him). me: everything.


just another reason to love iphones...what was intended to be a 2 minute goof off sesh turned into 10 minutes of trying to one up each others hideous faces.  

{sweater: h&m; skirt and shirt: thrifted; gladiators: born; earrings: f21} 


sorry, but it had to end on a nice note after all those yukky faces. 


  1. Love your skirt!



  2. AW! I'm so glad you had fun! Fix coffee is fun and OF COURSE in n out! :)



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