flower power!

(animal collective : in the flowers)
Hiya everyone! Alison-Claire here, from Holland1945, and Gianna's little sister! Did ya know she had one? I like to refer to my sister as my "little big sister" because though she's 4 years older than me, she's also over half a foot shorter and a good 70 lbs. lighter than me! I guess I'm her "big little sister". When we were younger and would travel a lot with our parents people always thought I was the older one--to her dismay I'm sure! I even remember going to her college orientation and having students think I was starting college that Fall, and I was only starting high school! I definitely liked seeming older! ;)

A lot of girls who don't have sisters always say they wish for one, and in my case, I don't know what I would do without Gianna. She's been my biggest cheerleader my whole life--helping me to always push myself to be at the top of my game. As sister's we have always shared many things, including clothes when we were younger of course. Our mother often dressed us in similar or even matching outfits, so it's no surprise that we are often inspired by each other's style or are drawn to the same pieces of clothing. She and I always spy things in the other one's closet that we wish we could steal and when we go thrifting we are always grabbing things we know the other one would like. It makes shopping even easier when someone else is picking out things for you and they know your style and have a great eye!

We've both always loved decorating our rooms just so, and fawning over adorable items in home decor shops. Living on our own people often say that our apartments even look similar. Sometimes it's difficult for us to not feel like the other one is biting their style. But we are usually influenced by similar music, blogs, and celebrities. Although Gianna's love for the Kardashian's is much stronger than mine ;) We both got into doing Life and Style blogs around the same time too, and having Gianna there to discuss all the little quirks and details, trials and tribulations that a style blogger goes through, as well as having a female eye behind the camera, has truly been a blessing! She is such a great sounding board and we both know the other one will tell us when we've done something great or if we've missed the mark.

 In going back through my summer full of posts, and back further into the spring, I realized that as soon as the flowers started blossoming, they also started showing up all over my wardrobe! I've owned quite a few floral pieces for a while, but it seems as though during the doldrum winter months I couldn't be bothered to put them on--it seemed unnatural I guess. August has been by far our hottest month here in Washington, and I am pretty sad to know that soon summer will be over, and all these bright, fun, blooming pieces of clothing will probably be shoved to the back of the closet and drawers. Can you really justify wearing floral jean shorts in Novemeber? Should I try? Maybe!

To see more of my flower power, and of course some stripes and solids too, come say hi at my little piece of the internet Holland1945! I am pretty jealous that Gianna is soaking up the sun, going to Disneyland!!!, and of course, eating lots of In 'N Out, but I'm sure she'd say I can't really complain as I was able to take trips to San Francisco and Hawaii this summer, haha! What are big sister's for if not to keep things in persective?

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