hawaiian shirts? never. hawaiian dresses? duh.

 hey lovelies!  oh my gosh today was a scorcher.  it is incredibly sad to me that summer will end soon and i will potentially spend the next 9 months shivering and cursing away winter.  there are very few redeeming qualities for the bitter cold.  
i will now list them:

pumpkin flavored things and pumpkin colored things.

now look how much longer the list for cons is:

scraping ice and snow off of your car.
paying tons of money to heat your house (and still being cold)
getting sick.
going to the bathroom and the seat is ice cold.
having to wear sweatshirts and thick socks indoors.
buying snowtires.
icy roads.
pretty much saying goodbye to shorts and dresses and skirts.
sun going down around 3:30 or 4.
no high heels.
only wanting to eat mac n cheese and drink dark beer (ie. gaining weight)
running out of oil for the heater or having the pilot flame go out every week and the landlord is the only one who can fix it. 
taking outfit photos in the snow isn't nearly as fun as in the sun.
only being able to wear grizzly bear costumes for halloween.

i must say, though, that i do LOVE fall.  i just wish there were a place that only had spring, fall and summer.

aaaanyways, i saw this dress and actually considered not buying it.  i quickly wised up and threw it in the basket, knowing that i might never see another hawaiian dress in my size.  

 my sister always does jumping shots for her posts...we thought we oughtta try them too.  

{mirn is wearing...sandals: italy; dress: urban outfitters; amazing chevron bag: vintage marmalade etsy.  i am wearing...dress: vintage; shoes: michael kors; belt: thrifted; basket camera bag: vintage}


ps.  you are special and you make my days. 


  1. oh how beautiful!!! i follow you! <3

  2. excellent call on reconsidering that dress! it - and you - are gorgeous!




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