Hi there! I'm Kate from Kate's Irrelevant, where I blog about pretty things, inspiration and my latest creative projects. Today I'm sharing a sneak peek into my upcoming e-course with you!

Developing Your Creative Style is an e-course that does exactly what it says on the tin; helps you to develop your creative style, whether you're a painter, an illustrator, a jewelry maker or an all round craft lover. This course really is for absolutely anyone with a creative outlook and an interest in how to make the most of it!

I thought I'd share a particular insight into helping you discover your main focus of craft and how to make the most of it :

I'm a very enthusiastic crafter myself and a lot of the time I find myself taking on more craft projects than I can realistically handle. And unsurprisingly, they either remain incomplete for a long time or end up looking half-assed because I'm trying to fit them in around a ton of other crafts.

When you come up with a new project it really does need your full attention, especially if it's a big task. When I started this course I was jotting down ideas and doodling layouts, but I wasn't sitting down and getting on with it, because I was creating paintings and illustrations and redesigning my blog at the same time. 

At one point I had a sudden realization that while I could do anything I wanted to, I couldn't do everything I wanted to.
I focused on two big projects instead of lots of little projects and decided to base my time around them, only fitting in fun little crafts when I'd worked hard and long enough on my bigger ideas.
I also realized that while I was focusing on these two ideas, there was nothing stopping me incorporating my other creative loves into them. I could still paint and illustrated and create pretty things, I just had to dedicate them to my bigger projects. When I felt the need to draw, I worked on the header for the course, and when I felt like making things, I made things for the course.

I came up with a little exercise to help me, and you , gather your thoughts and ideas together and use all your abilities in helpful ways :

1. Think of the creative hobbies you enjoy the most.
2. Now think of which of these you are best at.
3. Can you think of ways to combine these together?
4. Now think of one of your latest ideas that you're particularly keen to work on?
5. Which of your hobbies will you mostly need for this idea?
6. But how can you use your other hobbies for this idea?

Before starting any major project I also ask myself three questions to see if I really am interested in it or if it'll just be one of those 'good ideas at the time':

1. Are you willing to stay up late and wake up early for it?
2. Can you think of five related ideas to this project on the spot?
3. Are you genuinely excited by them?

It's also extremely helpful and encouraging to think of where your ideas could take you. Let's say you like doodling pretty things. 

If you don't find yourself excited and enthusiastic about working hard towards these prospects, it's time to go back to the drawing board!

For more tips and helpful exercises on developing your creative style, my e-course Developing Your Creative Style will be available by September, so keep checking back on the blog for updates!
Thanks so much to Gianna for asking me to feature on her lovely blog, it was a pleasure to be here!

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