i ♥ summer.

good evening! :)
i cannot get enough with this instagram business!
here's a little tour of southern california...i feel like we've been all over the place! silver lake, pasadena, claremont, corona, eagle rock, echo park, los feliz, west hollywood AND beverly hills.  the driving is nuts and in all honesty i find it a major turn off.  it seems like living here, you would have less hours in the day because of so much time driving, looking for parking, getting stuck in traffic etc.   always a trade off.

(his and hers. him: 4 shot americano w/cream.  me: 2 shot)

his and hers. him: cheesecake with cookie dough. me: chocolate with peanut butter.  my eyes tricked me again...only finished half.

anyways, pictures are fun.
love you!

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