i wanna be with you everywhere.

hi everyone!  yes, i AM listening to fleetwood mac.  so good.  also, i'm trying a new blog header...i know it's big, i really wanted to make it more like a banner but i don't quite know how...so, it's alright for now.  hope you can stand it for a while? :)

anyways, i've been trying so hard to find a maxi skirt that i like, that isn't $50 plus dollars, and that fits me with a length that doesn't give me total cankles ;)
(#short girl syndrome)

i found this skirt as a two piece with a matching shirt, which i might never wear, but i couldn't pass up the skirt.  the print is so simple and pretty and i NEVER wear red, so it was a no-brainer.  (remember i'm trying to add more color to my life)

when it's 94 degrees, you can wear a sheer lace top.  and you should. :)
{head to toe ankle: vintage; shoes: kimchi blue}

today i think i'm going to go help my mom get her classroom ready for school to start.  she's been teaching forEVERRRRR!  she does NOT want to retire.  so amazing.  my heroine.  ? i didn't want to say hero but heroine sounds druggy.  ugh.

oh i almost forgot! some instagrams from last week!

~creative nail painting
~cat love.
~cooking with eggplant for the 1st time (sad-i'm 100% italian, i should have done that years ago)
~trying out "menswear"
~biking (to the bank and then realized it was a saturday!!!!!)

k bye bye! ♥g.


  1. I adore this outfit - your skirt is beyond gorgeous, I'm in awe of the print :)



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