just can't get enough.

of this lace cropped top!  yep, it's true.  it's my new favorite.  it goes with all my skirts!  the thing about wearing long skirts is, what do you wear on top if/when you get a little chilly?  marianne said jean jackets.  i think she's right, but i have yet to find a jean jacket that i've liked.  hmm.  

i included a couple blurry ones and for that i apologize...i just really wanted the tree one to be included.  here are some candids too!

it's been SUCH a fun week...but i'm glad it's sunday and i'm glad the whole garage sale business that my sis and i did this weekend is over.  time for some air conditioning and possibly the vma's :)
and maybe froyo if i can motivate myself to leave the house again.

thanks for reading!  love you.



  1. Hey, girl....LOVE the new blog header! :)

  2. you so pretty!
    gorgeous outfit

  3. Love this outfit. I have to try this out. I'm always worried a long skirt like this will look old lady-esque but the lace top makes it a lot more youthful. Tres chic!



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