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hey guys.
  i was just making some time to surf around and check out other blogs i love, and inevitably, finding new blogs i love.  it's nuts how many there are and how good some of them are.  there's some sjp movie coming out called, "how does she do it", and i doubt i'll see it, but that's exactly what i think of when i see some of these blogs!!  i don't understand!  so many of these women have babies and/or jobs, and still manage to write amazing blogs.  i guess there is a big difference between a fashion blog and a lifestyle blog...i like to think of mine as both, depending on the day.  it just blows my mind how some people accomplish so much in a day.  i wonder if i'm not as good at time management as i thought! i also think i have ADD sometimes, although at this point in our society, who doesn't?  there's constantly something beeping or flickering a light or flashing trying to get your attention.  

but really, HOW DO THEY DO IT?-and maintain sanity??  do they have terribly messy houses? do they eat fast food for every meal?  no, they supposedly exercise regularly, cook, clean, blog and tend to their families and/or jobs/school.  

it's impressive but utterly mind boggling if you ask me. 

like this one!
or this one!
or even this one!

i just can't compete..but i will anyway :)
i saw this cool quote recently and i want to share it with you.

anyways, i guess i'm just feeling torn between being inspired and feeling like i don't know how to stand out from these goddesses. 

so, on a little lighter note, i just got my sweater in the mail from fancytreehouse and am madly in love.. the color is so uplifting and it fits perfectly.  she's got taste for days.

today's weather had a certain charm to it.  it was super hot, but the breeze was cool.  i took a nap on the couch with the window slightly open and it was magical (mostly because i can never nap, even if i've only gotten 2 hours of sleep).  it was a tough call whether to have a doubleshot or try for a nap, but since it was after 5:30, i know i made the right choice.  i really REALLY want to train myself to be able to drink coffee like my mom...from 7 am til 11pm.  right now though i'm mostly doing decaf everyday.  doctors orders :)

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