bowties and birthdays.

last night we celebrated my deer (pun intended?) friend marianne's 30th!  she's one of us now :)
it was such an eventful night, and thankfully, since none of us wanted to lug out our big fancy cameras, kate and shane took some super cute hipstas!

i cannot even tell you how much fun it was.  between the bowtie, the wine, the cake, the douchey guys in pick up trucks calling us whores (because we clearly dress skanked out), the jello shots, the karaoke, and the PERFECT WEATHER, i couldn't have asked for anything better.  

don't ask me where my eyeballs are in this picture. i still love it.

(i'm really into this kind of three way...see? here's another between my dad, mom and i)

still wishing i had an iphone.  though i'd probably have even less of a social life if i did...too easy to hang out with your phone!

oh yeah, here are pictures from her OTHER party!-i know!  she got two parties!  lucky girl.

i am so lucky to have such interesting and beautiful and smart friends!  
so impressed with their karaoke song choices and performances :)

i wish summer never ended...i guess that's another good reason to consider moving to southern california.

love you!!


ps. i've been selling more and more on my etsy, so thank you to whoever you are, if you are readers especially.  it's the most satisfying feeling i've ever had as far as a job goes :)


  1. Ok, so your new photo intro is so super cute!!! Love it!



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