ocean towns and sunny dispositions.

i LOVE traveling (hate flying).  you take so many more pictures when you can accept that you are a tourist :)  
i'm looking through the photos we've taken in california, and there's just something different about them.  as difficult as life could be there, that california sun seems to have a way of melting away worries.  it's the same as when i lived there as a kid.  when you have sun and ocean towns and such a diverse array of people, it just feels SO refreshing.

plus they have streets named after my favorite....fruit? or is it a vegetable?  i LOVE avocados.
ahhh, a street after my own heart.

visiting santa monica was absolutely amazing.  so much shopping and the italian food we had was AMAZING.  the beach was gorgeous of course and lance loved watching the street performers, not to mention all of the famous skateboard sites :) it was pretty chilly though, so i wore a little shruggy jacket. no swimming :(

i was so excited they had a little british section of town, so i bought a few things that i've always loved from england.  one of them being a black currant flavored juice :)  i think the sugar rush made us act a little silly.

here is my very first attempt with imovie.  i love the yeahyeahyeahs, especially this song (hysteric).  you'll have to forgive my weird tiptoeing...i didn't know he was filming, i thought he was just taking a quick picture!  also i don't know how to make the music fit/fade/etc. totally amateur.

now i have to get working on convincing my parents to retire in santa monica.  or just buy a place there and rent it out, so we can rent it from them :)
love you!
ps. sorry for all the phone quality photos.  they really aren't bad, but ya know.
{jacket: nectar; jeans: just usa; flats: mix no6}


  1. so cute. so jealous. pls move there so i can come visit you!

  2. looks like you guys had an amazing time. I'm dying over you giraffe bag. xx

  3. Man you two make a handsome couple. Such lovely photos!



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