super fun happy

hey hey.  still gettin the hang of the camera!  i learned a LOT the other day from my friend shane, but i have a loooong way to go.  always learnin.  i edited these with "super fun happy" in "totally rad actions".  great website with free sample packages that will easily eat up an entire day! ;)

i used to work at starbucks (for 4 YEARS!), so i always order my drinks very particularly.  i have lots of secrets if anyone wants em!  this is a black tea lemonade with no classic, but 2 pumps raspberry.  refresh.

yesterday was 85 degrees here.  black ANYTHING (except tea)was a bad idea.  i thought i was melting during these photos.

i love wearing this necklace my friend margie at regina mash made.  she's amazing.  she's actually in new york interning at Lucky magazine!  so proud of her.

{shoes, shorts: vintage; shirt: borrowed from marianne haha}

have an amazing rest of the weekend!
i'm trying to keep positive but it's hard because i miss lance so much.

he's so cute.

also, i'm thinking of changing my header and layout soon, so if it starts looking different, it's okay, it's still me!!



  1. You guys are always cute, but this picture takes the freaking cake.

  2. love your shorts!great:)want to invite you to check out my giveaway:)
    La Folie 



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