i am trying to get more comfortable in front of cameras and videos.  it probably seems crazy or like a bunch of bs (as my brother giovanni would say) for someone who posts outfit pictures to say that, but it's true.  there are people who love the camera and that relationship is reciprocal and there are people like me, who struggle.  but i LOVE film, photography and video and the whole shebang (that CAN'T be how you spell it-that looks inappropriate).  anyways, the thing is, i was recently asked to audition for a commercial and i had to record myself trying to sound enthusiastic about culinary college...i don't know if i got the part yet, but the process was excruciating.  i do NOT like watching myself talk...but when i'm being natural, like this here little clip, it's much more bearable.  i really hope i get it, because it would be super fun and would definitely help with the billz!

anyways, here i am! talkin bout nothin.

ps. i watched a really strange movie called "teeth" the other night...about a girl who has teeth in her..nether regions.  it was beee-zarre!

k tata for now.

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  1. You have a cool blog <3 I like your nav bar names, it's so cute!



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