because tonight tonight tonight!

something about growing older gives me a sudden and sort of disconcerting appreciation for genesis.  i guess it's not that disconcerting since i like it.  it's just weird i used to feel really uncomfortable whenever i heard phil collins and now i feel energized.  hahaha.  

anyways, this was just the easiest thing to wear the other day, being that it was in the 90s :) LOVE IT!!!!!!!  i hope to have another couple weeks of it and then i will eat everything pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove in sight.  hopefully with darker skies and  orange leaves.  

{dress: lost; sandals: f21; belt: rack; jewelry and watches: h&m, rack, vintage}

it's friday! what are you all doing this weekend? i have two going away parties!! life is just a little too hard sometimes...i guess bittersweet is a better way of looking at it.  

love you all!



  1. I love that print! I love when the simple things make us feel great and look just as amazing!

  2. Love your dress :)

    Hope you have a good weekend!



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