down by the river.

sometimes to get good photos, you have to go to places that are beautiful...makes sense.  however, here, and i'm sure in other cities too, all too often those areas are super sketchy.  it seems every time we think we've found a  perfect little nook, there are beer cans and syringes GALORE.  it's really sad, and i'm realizing i need to buy some mace or something because with all the drug addicts around, and all the expensive equipment, it's just not worth the risk!  pretty sad.  but still, we managed to only have to talk to one junkie while getting these photos.  

you should listen to this song too.  you might cry though. just saying. i am beyond thrilled the new tori album is out.  

i could totally see myself living in this, and i think that's weird, but i could.  not for too long, but part of me thinks it would be a fun life to just camp out by the river and sit outside at night looking at the stars with a dog and a glass of wine.  
but i would grow tired of bathing in the river after about a minute. :)

happy saturday!
photos by shane olson.
{shorts: vintage wranglers; blouse: vintage; bag: thrifted; loafers: vintage, available here}




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