fall fashion.

it's getting a little cooler out, and i know i've been dreading the change in temperature, but that's only because a.)the sun and warmth make life a little easier and b.)fall is my favorite season and the sooner it comes, the sooner it's over...it's like when you're almost done with a really good book and you just don't want it to be over.  kinda.

however.. fall is so insanely beautiful and i needed something to force my out of my high waisted shorts fetish so it's okay, and there are so many cute trends going on, i can't wait to start layering and walking in red and orange leaves to get my pumpkin spice lattes. 


these are all from nordstrom (my new place of employment!-i'll be working at the laura mercier counter and i'm so excited to do cosmetics!!!)




happy monday! hope you are all having a great start to your week :)


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  1. jeal-ous! nordstrom?! awesome! and i am so glad i am not the only one loving capes right now....people have looked at me like i'm a freak when i say that! but seriously, how cute are they?!



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