i was just wondering.

i decided to do another "wear it multiple ways" post.  however, this one is only wear it two ways instead of three.  
i just didn't have time :(
anyway, here are a couple looks for one pair of skorts??? can skort be plural? maybe i'll just go with shorts. :)

♥ L O O K # 1 ♥

{shorts: macys; heels: seychelles; blouse: garage sale; cardigan: nordstrom; necklace: atticus}

♥ L O O K # 2 ♥

{blouse: forever 21; clogs: vintage tommy hilfiger}

i'm having so much fun with fashion!!!! it makes me feel so excited and i always have something to look forward to!-getting dressed! although i am a HUGE proponent of pajamas as often as possible.  
sadly i am usually in pjs of some kind whenever i'm home.  but never out of the house...ok maybe sometimes when i go to the drive thru coffee stand.  :) but never without blush and sunglasses. haha.
 have a great day!!



  1. Girl, you are SO PRETTY. Let me know if you are ever interested in having your portrait done by me! I'd love to illustrate you!

  2. Love the outfits you made with those shorts, it rock

  3. These outfits are amazing! You look fantastic.


  4. That outfit is adorable!! I love the shorts over tights, you look darling :))

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi



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