labor day and all that.

labor day...a day for not laboring...i spent mine at my families, taking photos with my sister, swimming, and barbecuing :)  we even had apple pie "ala modey" (after seeing little miss sunshine, i much prefer saying ala modey instead of ala mode).  things have been a little too "all american" lately but that's ok.  

i don't wear jeans very often, especially in the hot summer, but i had to stop and check on my resume at nordstrom (long story), so i was trying to look somewhat professional...:)

plus, this sheer giraffe blouse made the heavy denim much more tolerable.

{top: f21; denim: joes; heels: seychelles; rings: h&m}

have a great wednesday!!



  1. you are so damn beautiful babe.

  2. Oh i love your blouse! It's adorable. :)



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