lavender breeze.

i can't get enough of this long skirt business.  i don't know what i'm going to do when winter comes...jeans just don't compare!  i wore this to go to "pig out in the park", a local food vendor/music/random stuff for sale booth fair type of event.  it was fun, though i definitely ate too much :)  it's an all american sort of thing, so, when in rome....??? i don't know, i've always thought of "pig out" as a joke, but whatever, these days i'll take any excuse to get outside and absorb the sun and [lavender] breeze :)
sorry for all of the parentheses and slashes and smily faces.

tonight i'm supposed to go to Perry Street Pizza with some girls i used to work with, so that should be fun!  
and then i'll eat "healthy" again monday ;)

{t shirt: stem; skirt: cut loose; necklaces: urban and f21; wedges: hocus pocus; sunglasses: bp}

thank you for looking!!!
i really love hearing from you because then i can go explore YOUR blogs! 


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  1. oh I love your necklace! and I have to say, I share your love of long skirts! we're just heading into springtime in Australia now, so long skirts ahoy!

    also, I just wanted to let you know that I thanked you in this post: http://stationary-stationery.blogspot.com/2011/09/slices-of-weekend.html for my wonderful bracelet :) I have honestly received so many compliments on it! you're very talented! thanks again, you made my day :)



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