mini dress.

i love this dress so much.  however.  i don't actually feel like it's 100% okay to wear it around in broad daylight...maybe more like a cocktail dress, but it's been sitting in my closet since spring, waiting ever so patiently to make it's debut!  so i put it on and them immediately took it off in favor of something a little more "everyday"...it was fun while it lasted, sweet dress.
 oh yeah, and the bag in this post is for sale here!

look at sophia!!! springer spaniels are pretty much the best dogs ever.  she loves swimming in the pool and running around with her tongue dripping all over the place.  she even laps up the chlorinated water as if it were just her giant water bowl...what can i say, they're water dogs.  

have a great thursday!  it's still summer people!


{dress:final touch; shoes: ciao bella; bag: myetsy; hat: vintage}


  1. awww puppy!! Shes just the cutest. that dress is totally day wear, maybe with some flat sandals, or even a pair of boots. I love it with that hat especially!


  2. That dress is beautiful! And it has such bright colors that i think it's perfect for the day as well. Go for it! :)
    (Really like your blog, now following!) :)



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