a walk in the park + this week in instagram!

yes yes, summer is ending. 
saying it out loud, ie, typing it is an important step in my personal acceptance of said season change.  i am looking forward to layering up, i'm just not sure exactly how i'm gonna incorporate my obsession with high waisted into fall.  i only have a couple pairs of high waisted pants and they are difficult to pull off.  i mean that in the fashion sense, not the physical sense.  i guess that's why seasons are good; they force you out of ruts and make you more creative :)

anyways, my sister took these :)

 {bag: etsy.com/shop/nicolette737; top: vintage; shorts: f21; flats: material girl; sunglasses: bp nordstrom}

A L S O !
I N S T A G R A M !

maybe a little over one week, but not much over.
collecting (bowties)!
baby holding!
garage saling!
trying new makeup!

today is gonna be difficult.  i tossed and turned all night, until about 7 am, and was up at 1030.  but i have lots of fun things to do, so i'm up for the challenge.  ask me how i feel around 4:30 :( 



  1. hello you! I just wanted to let you know that your BEAUTIFUL bracelet (that I was lucky enough to win in your giveaway) came in the post yesterday :)
    I'll do a post about it soon... but in the mean time, I just wanted to thank you again, and let you know that it's absolutely gorgeous :)

  2. I love your instagrams! Looks indeed like a beautiful week. ;)



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