you're my obsession.

soo it's no secret (well maybe it is--lance knows though) that i've wanted a pair of high heeled loafers for awhile...ever since i saw this pair of jeffrey campbells about a year ago: 

sadly, they were out of stock everywhere, and i couldn't find another pair that wasn't totally cheesy 90s secretary.  now they are all the rage...what can i say, once in awhile i know what i'm talkin' 'bout.  you love the double ' ' i know. 

so, now i have tons of options! here are some stunners.

(these are called the "Gianna"--of course i feel they need to be mine! but the price tag is a little insane for me right now)

the last 3 are available at nordstrom.
keep on the look out for these, i swear they are gonna be major soon ;)



  1. I am so sad, I had a pair of kenneth Cole ones and just sold them to buffalo last year because they were really high and I had broken a toe and could not walk in heels. Now I rock a sweet pair of 6 inch wedges almost daily.
    I hope you find the perfect pair

  2. So funny, i would definitely vote for the "Gianna". The destiny is clearly trying to tell you something. ;)



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