coffee colors!

hey guys!
so you might notice there is a sort of raw edge on this sweater.  that's because when i bought it at the thrift store, it was a HIDEOUS dress.  but the colors and the cut were so beautiful on top, i figured i'd try to make a shifty sweater out of it.  anyway, it's a crop sweater which i had to layer because it's just too chilly right now.  
and i'm sorry i wear these boots a lot and you've seen them a hundred times.  they are just that dynamic! :)

{boots: madden girl; cords: miley cirus hahahhaa; sweater and bag: thrifted}

it's almost friday! i will be spending this weekend working 10-12 hour days for a huge "beauty on location" event at nordstrom.  come sunday i will be absolutely glued to my couch and television.  

love, g.

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  1. those boots are really pretty! no wonder you wore them so much I would too!



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