it's so hard to pick one song to post.  and it's kinda a new thing i've been doing (sorta stole the idea from my sister).  it's fun though, and personally i like when bloggers post music, or tell you what they're listening to because so much great music goes unnoticed by the masses and it's kinda unfortunate!  i love being exposed to new music.  actually i really need some new stuff on my ipod. any suggestions? :)

as for the outfit, this was what i wore to work the other day.  i love that i get to wear leggings so often.  is there anything more comfortable?? (that isn't hideous like a snuggie or something)

{sunglasses: bp; boots: madden; leggings: target; top: f21; blazer: h&m; bag: urban; necklace: reginamash; earrings: brittneymirandajewelry}

♥ have a fantastic weekend! ♥


  1. beautiful song!love the outfit.that blazer is so awesome!i love your booties and necklace.you look sooo stylish!

  2. I like your boots... you look nice too!




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