peach lace.

my loves!  i swear if you are ever feeling down, put on something peach colored and you will feel a billion times lighter :)  and that goes for guys too!  not enough men in this town branch out into fun colors!  maybe there just aren't even places that carry such things here.  sad.  

anyways, this is just a quickie.  i got this shirt at a thrift store and my friend marianne said it was actually a very expensive brand! i had no idea...i wish i knew brands and fabrics and cuts a little better.  i was too much of a non-girly girl for so long, i missed out on fashion for awhile!  maybe one day i'll post a picture from highschool so you can see just how awful it was.  
one word: gramiccis

{top & shoes: thrifted; tights: express; shorts: macys}
i'm thinking of baking something today....anyone want to share their favorite recipe?  :)



  1. I really love the sweater is too adorable...

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    xoxo aley



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