super flare cords finally makin' a comeback!

these are my all time favorite pants...they are actually about 5 years old and there are some spots that are tearing out :( but i used some fabric glue and am hoping they will last at least another year.  they aren't mid to high waisted like some of the cords that are happening right now, but they are by far my most comfortable pants...even better than leggings, soooo....:)

i took these pictures in the rain again!  the things bloggers do.

anyways, i am so busy and i miss reading through all of YOUR blogs!  leave me a comment with your URL and i would love to come to your blog in the next week!  i want to know who my readers are BADLY :) 

i am loving this new/vintage dooney!  but it will be in the shop soon, to keep these loves company:

ps. everything is 10% off with coupon code "fallfashion"!  gotta make room for wintery stuff :)


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