diy shorts + leopard print.

i'm trying to get my wardrobe into an edgier territory.  ripped up jeans are just the beginning :)  it's so hard knowing exactly what your style is sometimes....i feel like it changes constantly, and i don't ever tell myself that i can't wear something, i just make it work.  therefore, when i go into a dressing room, i usually have at least 15 items.  i just try to make everything work.  i feel like these shots really emphasize how short and curvy i am.  i don't mind being curvy but i really don't like being so short.  i remind myself how much it comes in handy when i get sleepy on the couch.  taller people would be much more uncomfortable trying to stretch their legs out on a couch, right? but that's about it haha...being short doesn't rule...but heels help.  :)

 maggie wanted pets. :)

{shorts: diy thrifted pants; tank and necklace: bp; boots: madden; cardigan: f21}

have a fabulous weekend!

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