a little grungy.

well, i am officially part of the team.  the jeffrey campell lita team. as if my desire to edge up my wardrobe and get a little grungy wasn't bad enough, getting my hands on a pair of litas has only made it ten times worse(better)
i don't want to brag, but because i am such a sale shopper, finding a pair of litas at the rack for $58, and then being able to use my nordstrom discount, making them closer to $45 is something i am really proud of!! they are normally like $180 i think??  

so i'm gonna apologize now for what's to come.  i'm pretty sure most of my outfits will now be based around these shoes.  i'm sorry, but i know you understand. 

so here is one of my favorite 90s songs to get the mood right :)

{beanie: urban outfitters; dress: vintage; shoes: nordstrom; necklace: bp; bracelets: vintage and forever 21; earrings: finders keepers; button up: target mens}


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  1. love your hair! and you have such a pretty shape.



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