following the power lines.

hey friends.  i've been listening to this song quite a bit thanks to this guy ♥.  
i can't believe how cold it is and what some of us bloggers will do for fashion. it's hard not to feel a little crazy sometimes when taking your own photos in 32 degree cold, but what can i say. bitches be crazy!!!  jeez that phrase never gets old. so yeah, anyways, it's sunday evening and i am really wishing i had stockpiles of chocolate in my cupboards but i do not.  because i've eaten them all already.  whats a girl to do.
stop rambling? yes. 

{shorts: h&m; boots: jc; blouse: vintage; necklace: f21; coat: bp}

have a great week and happy MARTIN LUTHER KING day!!
love yas.


  1. Totally obsessed with Miike Snow right now! P.S. - Love the outfit.

  2. nice sound you got going at the top of the page :) you must know some people with great taste in music.



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