warm thoughts warm thoughts warm thoughts.

yeah, freezing. understatement. but i couldn't resist getting out for photos since it's snowing and BEAUTIFUL and i had the day off!  i spent it antique shopping, thrifting and eating leftovers.  oh and taking instagrams! (search for bluepea of course!)
oh i'm also trying to figure out how to make myself less sensitive to caffeine. i pretty much only drink decaf now, and it's fine usually, but i miss just drinking regular coffee!-plus i always doubt whether the baristas actually do decaf or not.  

any suggestions?

{top & necklace: f21; cutoffs: vintage wranglers i took many a blade to; booties: hinge via nordstrom}

love you guys!


  1. i love this!!! that is a beautiful background.
    ps I have that necklace too!

  2. Great outfit, you take lovely photos
    Alex - lifeafter20



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