Where to even start! As I sit, latte in hand & Uggs on feet (its 26 degrees out!!!! grrrrr), yes as I sit to write this blog I am extremely torn with mixed feelings about blogging/my blog/my life.  I have been more or less out of the blogging community ever since I started working at Nordstrom doing cosmetics.  I feel like I need a jumpstart on life because I am so drained and this cold weather makes fashion blogging near impossible.  I sometimes try blogging about other things, but it's just not as fun and it doesn't come as easy.  So today, I have some time before I go to work, to do things FOR MYSELF! haha....sad, but I don't feel like I have the time or energy for much of that with this work schedule and the demands of the corporation. So what did I do to jumpstart a bit? I went to my favorite yoga class, and I'll be damned if it wasn't the most difficult class I've ever been to...granted it's been about a month since I did yoga, but still, I'm certain the rest of the week will be spent hobbling around like a 90 year old woman due to the complete lack of strength left in my muscles. 

 Anyways!-to top off the insane yoga, I bought myself a latte! HALF CAF to boot! (maybe you've read about my battles with caffeine?).  And now, here I sit, writing a BLOG!  The things you can accomplish when you don't work til 3:00!  So, with that, you are caught up a bit on my day.  I tried doing photos in the snow the other day, but they just turned out awful.  I couldn't quite capture the look of someone who is freezing their bum off but displays effortless love for the clothes and the camera...so I still have no fashion photos of myself, but what I do have is even better.  I've spent sometime getting inspired, so, here I have photos from other sites that are giving me hope that someday I won't be stuck at a job like this and will be able to have enough money to enjoy life just a little easier and someday the sun will come back and I will never again complain of being too hot. :)

First, here is my new favorite song my lovely boyfriend Lance introduced me to.  The video is beautiful.

Next are some photos from the ridiculously beautiful and talented Coury Combs of fancytreehouse.

Check her out, but don't forget about me...she can be pretty distracting! :)

Next up is another stunning and crazy talented little lady who goes by Charmaine Olivia.  Artist, photographer, model,  & instagrammer. 

serious stunner. 

I would totally keep going but I have to get ready for work. serious bummer.

Anyways, hope you are all having wonderful Mondays and I can't say enough how much your visit here at bluepea means to me :)
Thank you.  

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