just don't ask.

i think i'm referencing a very sad grizzly bears song in that there title.  don't ask about my outfit.  somedays, what i decide to wear just doesn't make a lot of sense, it just feels right for some reason.  i got the shirt from a friend, the shorts are the second pair i've ripped up from old jeans from the thrift store, and the cardigan is forever 21.  i just realized i haven't been listing where clothing is from in my posts!! shame on me...not that i've even been posting much, but ehhh.  what can i say.  

the pics are a little boring, i'm terribly sorry. my sis and i snapped them a few days ago in a real hurry, in the freezing cold.
anyways, next post will be far superior, i promise.


  1. You look super cute. Love your shorts...I wear mine constantly!

  2. Lovely outfit!!! You have a great sense of style and are inspiring creativity in me :). Keep up the lovely posts!



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