whatever did i do before instagram?

Well hello! :)

I have been working on this little instagram/life in review post off and on for about a week...I can't ever seem to finish things I start...I think I might have adult ADD.  But seriously, I think I might.
Anyways, today I woke up and realized that at some point during the night, I had aged about 25 years...I apparently threw my back out, or did some other very painful back twisty sprain pinched nerve something or other.  This meant I had to opt out of my beloved Monday yoga class, which was borderline infuriating because it's one of a few things I have for myself that I am good at and truly enjoy.  So, with some reluctance I instead went and got my usual coffee and accepted the fact that today I won't be of much good. 
Then I locked my keys in my car. 
Sometimes your body and super annoying mistakes you make because you aren't paying attention are trying to tell you something, so I'm taking today to listen.  It's obvious I need to slow down, stop letting things preoccupy my brain and start being more present.  I've let stress get the best of me lately, clearly, but I'm taking over and slowing down and letting things go.

At least I'm gonna try :)


  1. lovely outfits!your style is so cool.
    great pics :)


  2. as always, such great style!



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