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Hey loves. I'm listening to probably the best pandora Christmas station there is if you like the traditional, religious, hymnal sort of songs, which I clearly do.  Frosty the Snowman has a time and place, just not in my home ;)
If you're wondering what the station is called so you can join in the fun, its "Religious Classical Christmas".  It's what I was raised on, and anything else seems too commercial.
Anyways, my sister asked me to take some photos of her and her loves for Christmas, so I figured why not get a couple blog shots for myself too? I mean...
I've been loving my new CIRCLE scarf (apparently they aren't called infinity scarves anymore?!) from American Apparel. Really, I've been loving anything green.  But especially this green scarf because it has so many options :)

{boots: hinge; jacket: bp; sweater: vintage; scarf: american apparel}

Okay, there you have it! 
Happy Holidays!!

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