pick out your cloud.

well hello. here I am trying to wear jeans. it's not my favorite, but sometimes it's just easier...the weather was actually perfect even though it was cloudy...it was sorta warm and breezy and overcast and it was perfect for taking photos. 

 in other news, i've been attempting going more or less gluten free to see if it helps with some health issues i've had for a while. while i realize gluten free eating is challenging, i also feel that it's a growing concern, preference and dietary restriction, and i've come to more or less accept that i'm just going to have to learn to live without pastries on the regular. *tear* the other day i wanted to be a restaurant/cafe diner all day, while also eating gluten free all day and here were my experiences: 

 I woke up and decided to check online at a local cafe with a reputation for being gourmet, and food conscious. The site bragged about their many trial and error experiences with creating the perfect gluten free muffin and that after many tweaks, they felt they'd created something pretty amazing. Perfect. I decided to venture out for coffee and this supposed muffin. Upon arriving, I noticed the pastry case was practically empty and it wasn't even 10:00. I asked the server about their gluten free muffin and she curtly replied, "We only have those on Thursdays"...really?! You may want to go ahead and post that bit of information on your website so that people like me don't drive downtown expecting this supposed spectacular creation, mouth watering and stomach growling. I settled on a GF frittata and a soy latte. My sweet tooth would just have to get by on the soy for now. I didn't realize dietary restrictions or choices were only an option on Thursdays. My next meal was pizza, and I'd been told this particular place offers a nice gluten free crust. Perfect. We decided on the pizza with arugula, italian sausage, truffle oil and a fried egg. Our waiter asked us for our order and I excitedly went ahead, hoping this experience would be better than my breakfast. Waiter says, "That's the one pizza we can't do gluten free". OK. What? Why! Ughghghghhghhhhh. To their credit, they did offer two GF beer choices, and they do have a GF pizza crust, but I wasn't willing to budge on the toppings, so I just shut up and ate the glutenous delicious pizza. Maybe I should just give up. Maybe I should just cook everything myself. I feel that it will get better and better with more people choosing that lifestyle, but for now, Spokane is still frustrating in yet another department and I feel slightly better now having vented. :)


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