all things bright and beautiful....

or just all things seafoam.  my relationship with this particular color borders on an unhealthy obsession. seafoam, mint, pale turquoise, it's all the same and I'm loving (but kind of hating) that it's finally seeing some exposure in mainstream fashion & accessories...but as with any obsession, I kind of wish other people didn't get to share it with me and I could just have it all to myself.

anyways, here are some current loves:

source: EleganceProps

source: Katnawlins

I could go on and on, it's just such a perfect color, it looks good on anything and everything.  Everything I listed is available on etsy, which I love to support because it's pretty much all small business owners and mostly artists of some form or another. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thank you for featuring my iphone case. lovely blog!



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