info & I N S T A S .

hey hey :) I just wanted to write a quick informational post - you may have

 noticed my site is no longer under the domain bluepea.net. :( I am so 

disappointed and frustrated with myself because I forgot to pay the stupid $10

 annual fee!! So dumb, I know, so anyway I lost my domain name and can't 

get it back, so here we are, kinda back at square one with my very first blog 

name.  I'm still the same bluepea you guys!

...but now I'm at giannacaputo.blogspot.com


I'm also thinking of writing in "double space", like I'm sure we all had to in 

school...it just makes reading easier, even if you aren't making red pen 

corrections in between the lines!

Anyway, a blog post without pictures is hardly any fun, so here are some quick 

little instagrams.  Find me here!


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