♥ O U R S T O R Y ♥

My life has changed so much this past year.  It's both alarming and 

serendipitous when the life you've known and the plans you've made are

 suddenly completely different and yet totally destined to be. 

In the last year I went through the end of a 4 year relationship.  At times I felt

 like I would never love again.  I was scared and I was sad and I prayed and

 hoped that God had a plan for me and that all of it meant something and was 

worth all of the struggle and loneliness.  

Almost immediately, I met Mark.  After some time and some real patience 

on his part, I was able to open my heart again, and I soon realized what I had

 been given and what I deserved.

  Sometimes it's hard to accept that you deserve to be treated like a princess

 24/7 (maybe more like 22/7...no one's perfect;)  But it's not just that.  He's an

 amazing person with an enormous heart and wants nothing but my happiness. 


Anyways, we met through mutual friends.  People just spoke so kindly of him

 so I started spending some time getting to know him, even though I wasn't in

 the best place to date.

  Sometimes you just have to give yourself some credit...and time to mourn.

  Not too much though.  

We went on a lot of walks..

We shot a wedding together (and still do!)

That was a lot of fun and a great way to start our relationship as a team 

working toward a common goal...and we are in the process of making a part 

time gig out of it :)

We took our first Halloween together very seriously.  I got really into doing our

 sugar skulls day of the dead makeup and I learned that Mark doesn't sit still. 


We took a lot of trips too.  3 in one year (although I only have time to show you the first two)!  Pretty proud of that.

First was Portland.

So hot.

Next was San Diego!  

He's a good flying partner because he loves flying and I hate it.

San Diego was amazing.  Beautiful weather, amazing hosts, and the best

 Mexican food I've had since living in Southern California.  We got to stay in our

 own little trailer right outside Mark's friends house, so it felt a little like camping

 but more like glamping (glamorous camping...I just learned that that's an 

actual thing).  

Our first stop was In & Out..obvi :)

See??! He's an angel!

We take a LOT of pictures.  

We've been very busy bees with all of these trips and with our jobs but we've managed to accomplish a lot and we've truly gotten to know each other and our love for each other seems to multiply daily.  He is such an inspiration and pleasure to be around, I cannot express enough how much Mark means to me.  

I chose to focus on our trip photos because I simply haven't had a chance to share them yet!  So, what better time to share this huge, super duper exciting, earth shattering news?!!?!??


What a year its been, and what a truly amazing man I have found.  I cannot wait to spend our lives together, going through what lies ahead, the good, and the bad and all the in betweens. 

Unreal and yet perfectly real 💚

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