on the ridge.

I don't know whether it's sad or neat that my last couple posts have been shot

 with an iphone.  I guess it's a little sad because the quality is pretty bad and 

my nikon hasn't gotten much attention lately...It's also sad that time just hasn't

 permitted for taking around a real camera and setting up better shots.  It's

 neat though that a phone can suffice in a pinch and even has options for self

 timer and endless apps for editing.  I have a love/hate relationship with my 

phone...with all technology actually.  

Sometimes I swear technology is out to ruin my day.  I'm sure we've all felt 

that way?

Anyways, I found this dress brand new at Value Village and so I didn't mind 

spending $9.99, however, I do mind spending that much on used items that 

aren't in pristine condition...I don't know when ValVil got so high end, but I

 rarely thrift there anymore because of it.  I'm not cheap but I know value and

 lately they just don't live up to their name!

In other news, it's Saturday August 10th, and today marks 5 weeks until our 

wedding!!  I think my next post will be nothing but wedding and bridal.  I can't

 even express how crazy it has been planning a wedding in 3 months.  It's been

 interesting to say the least, but also very exciting and such a happy time.  I 

am still working 4-5 days a week at Nordstrom

 so I feel like I'm either superwoman or something the total opposite.  :/

If I can do it, anyone can do it.  Just don't expect to have a life, or sleep 

much...thank God for Mark.  He keeps me level, and helps keep me goofy and 

fun when I have 15 things to do at any given moment.  

{dress and bag: thrifted; shoes: nordstrom rack; ring: h&m}

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  1. I love the shape of your sunglasses! They suit your face so well

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