it hangs in my hair and the hems of my clothes.

I don't think I'll ever tire of using song lyrics for post titles.  It's nice to be able 

to put them to use that isn't just a constant and bittersweet nuisance in my 

head.  Those are Neko Case lyrics and she is one of my favorite artists ever. 

Like ever ever.  Such a smart and talented woman.  Actually, when I think 

about it, a lot of the female artists I've listened to for years are red heads! 


Anyway, here's a red dress to go with that thought.  I actually ventured into a 

local boutique the other day, just to kill time and I ended up with this dress at 

75% off it's original cost!


{Bag: urban outfitters; dress: Tangerine; shoes and jewelry: thrifted and second hand; cardigan: f21}

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  1. Love your style. Wish I could be a little more adventurous with my own. :)



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