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OHHH maahh gahhhhh!!! I am actually blogging?!!!!  I have so much to share but no time!  Since getting engaged (and three crazy fast months later tying the knot), life has just been one giant whirlwind.  After getting married, we had every intention of buying a house, but for a variety of reasons, we ended up renting. 
 We are renting a house at least, so having more space is great, and decorating and designing is such a fun challenge for me.  I spend hours scouring the internet for sales and ideas and hunting things on craigslist and thrift stores, and of course occasionally splurging on bigger items like rugs and furniture...but anyways, I digress :)  Here are some BEAUTIFUL, inspirational photos of what I hope to one day be able to approach in my own way, in my own home.  

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