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Hello again.  I have made the decision to start photographing any DIY project I do because it's probably my favorite feature on other blogs and I've been doing a TON of it lately.  It's hard to want to photography/document all of the little steps along the way because I'm the kind of person that just wants to get it done and then take a pretty picture of the outcome.  But no more!  Time to document everything!

So, here is a tutorial on glass painting.  I'm far from an expert, but I know that you can use acrylic to paint glass.  It's removable if need be, or there are kinds you can paint and bake and therefore seal.  You can also purchase a kind of sealing varnish, which I plan on doing next time I get one of those annoying but nonetheless appreciated Michaels 40 % off coupons :)

Anyways, here is what you'll need:

-glass to paint
-acrylic paint
-thin masking tape (available at Michaels)
-paper towel or drop cloth

Directions (pretty self explanatory but whatever)

1.  Tape off area you want the paint to end.  I found it helpful to leave at least enough room for my hand to be able to hold the bottles so that I could paint more easily.

2.  Choose and portion out your colors

3. Paint those bad boys!  Now, I will say, it's tempting to just immediately move on to the second and third coat, but it's important to let each coat get a little dry so that the paint doesn't move around under the brush's bristles.

4.  Once you've done at least three coats, but before your paint has dried, remove the tape.  Waiting until the paint is dry can cause the tape to peel away paint and ruin all your hard work!!

5.  Admire your work :)

I'm planning on using mine for oil and vinegar, but I suppose you could use them for anything, or just for decoration.  I love how they turned out!  I love the matte finish and the simplicity of them.    

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  1. pretty! they look like cute little salt and pepper shakers.



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