DIY // lampshade dip dye

Good morning!  Today I wanted to share with you a super easy DIY for dip dyeing a lampshade.  In my recent attempts to lighten and whiten my home decor style, I developed a bit of a "despisal" - that should be a word...I haven't finished my coffee yet, but as of right now, I feel confused that that isn't already an existing word...it means currently despising if you ask me - for the lampshades I had on our nightstands.  I was hoping I could more or less bleach them and leave a bit of color fringed at the base.  Anyways, here is the before:

They're just so blah and beige.  Gross.
So after snapping a couple of fun pictures to get the light right(ish)....

I dove right in with the bleach.  I have no idea what the water:bleach ratio was, but lots of water and not a lot of bleach..

I checked them at 5 minutes, added more bleach and let them soak for another 25.  I really wanted white but it wouldn't happen.  They honestly looked the same at 5 minutes as they did at 30.  So here they are.  Don't judge our bedroom too much, we haven't finished painting.  It's hard to paint the room  you sleep in because the fumes can be nauseating!!

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