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Well hi!
It's still seriously frustratingly cold here in Warshington.  UGH.  I am making the most of it by wearing heavy sweaters and boots because I know I'm going to miss it real soon and will be struggling to wear summer clothes in my pasty white skin.  
Lately I've been working a ton, and trying to take better care of myself...I am nervous about getting on a plane to Italy this summer -  don't get me wrong, I'm seriously excited but as I've gotten older (turning 33 next WEEK!?!??!) I've grown a bit more terrified of planes, enclosed spaces, and just life in general.  It's not so fun...I know I'm not alone though and there are lots of us out there who struggle with anxiety.  
I've found walking and fresh air are pretty much the best way to get out of my head sometimes.

Here is my song for this post.

sweater: freepeople
pants: americaneagle
top: forever21
boots: kennethcole
bag: thrifted

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